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Feb 19, 2024
Shop Talk

Interview with Jon Delange

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This is a fun and informative "talking shop" episode with Jon Delange, one of my favorite follows on LinkedIn.

Jon asked that we feature the charity Summit Ministries, so be sure to check them out and enjoy my brief interview with Aaron Atwood, their VP of Advancement, while he's hiding in a coat closet before heading out to a donor meeting 😅.

Jon DeLange is a nonprofit fundraising and marketing professional who has worked with over 50 Christian organizations around the world. In addition to his work at Summit Ministries, he coaches nonprofit fundraisers.  You can explore Jon's philosophy of Relationship Forward Fundraising by joining the conversation with 8000 followers on Linkedin. To work with Jon, check out his product, the Strategic Fundraising Plan.

Finally, here are the 12 rules for fundraising referred to the in the interview:

  1. Manage your beliefs.
  2. Embrace your limits.
  3. Help 1 person feel like a hero to your organization every work day.
  4. Listen to their story before you tell yours.
  5. Any action that diminishes donor trust is a bad long term strategy.
  6. Assume good intent in the face of silence.
  7. Technology should facilitate relationships.
  8. Steward Attention.
  9. Executive Fundraising is a dial.
  10. Find out what their giving means to them.
  11. When storytelling, Zoom in.
  12. Advance the Donor’s Hero Story.
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