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Oct 14, 2023
Shop Talk

Interview with Michelle Benson

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Buckle up for our first Talking Shop episode with Michelle Benson!  Todd and I learned all about how Michelle helps charities to be found by high value partners such as philanthropists, corporates and trusts.  The end goal is that the job of fundraising becomes more enjoyable and rewarding.  Amen to that!

Michelle has chosen to feature Milton's Cottage Trust, an amazing charity dedicated to the legacy of John Milton and his commitment to social justice, the arts, religion, politics, and science.  Contact John Dugdale Bradley directly if you're interested in participating in this incredible mission (you won't be sorry!  John is a GREAT guy).  Both Brits and Americans can receive tax credits for donating.

You can engage with Michelle directly to get her sneaky smart coaching on how to maximize the use of LinkedIn for fundraising.  And she is a prodigious follow on LinkedIn - find her there now!

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