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Sep 25, 2023

Interview with Greg Baumer

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Greg Baumer is in the house!  Or should we say Michael Bublé?  Listen in to hear Greg reflect on his karaoke skills.  Greg is married to Alison and they reside in Nashville with their four children.  They have chosen to dedicate this episode to Corner to Corner in Nashville.

Greg is currently working on a number of startups in the healthcare space.  Before that he was the Chief Growth officer at a startup in Nashville which was acquired in 2020.  With a passion for generosity, he is coauthor (with our buddy John Cortines) of God and Money – How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School and True Riches: What Jesus Really Said about Money and Your Heart.  He chairs the board of Generous Giving and also serves on the boards of BibleProject and The Signatry’s Nashville chapter.

Be sure to check our Corner to Corner and email Will Acuff if you are interested in participating in their amazing cause.  Here are some ways to volunteer.

Finally - you wanna see that Mercury Marquis?  This entire video story is fantastic.  But the fly ride can be seen at 6m 10s 👓🕺

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