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Oct 28, 2023

Interview with Daryl Heald

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Our longtime friend, Daryl Heald, is a serial entrepreneur in ministry and business.  He and his wife Cathy live near Chattanooga, Tennessee and have nine children and three grandchildren!  They have chosen to dedicate this episode to an incredible ministry which is reflective of their heart for kids around the world.  One Million Home is revolutionizing orphan care by getting one million orphaned kids reunited with their families.  Founded by Michael and Cindy Gallagher, we're excited to feature them and hear directly from Michael about their work!

In the 1990s Daryl began his career as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, GA – later that decade he joined the Maclellan Foundation, started by his wife's family back in 1945.  While at Maclellan, Daryl co-founded a number of generosity initiatives, including Generous Giving and Generosity Path which have combined to spread Journey of Generosity retreats to over 100,000 people in 90 countries and 40 languages.  Today he works all over the world with high net worth families, advising on their giving and inspiring them to lives of radical generosity.

Enjoy this great discussion with Daryl!

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