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The Catalyst Course: A Major Gift Fundraising Course By J.Paul Fridenmaker

A 100 Day Kickstarter for Major Gift Fundraisers

Are you a Major Gift Fundraiser or Chief Development Officer feeling pressure to get results? Are you looking for a fresh approach in your current position? The Catalyst Course is designed to give clarity and guidance in navigating your role effectively.

Sometimes Major Gift Fundraising Can Feel Impossible

As a major gift fundraiser you may have been thrust into this role by a board of directors or CEO that recognizes your charisma. You need to be equipped and fully prepared for the challenges that come with this position. This is your moment to meet the challenge! Don’t give up on a beautiful ministry opportunity before it begins.

The Catalyst Course is here to equip you with a relevant, sustainable strategy - one that you can enjoy. Upon completing this course, you will have a clear plan of action on how to confidently increase your productivity!

Review Purchase Options

Purchase Options



For those new to major gift fundraising (major gift officer, executive director, or board member).
Pre-recorded consultations with J.Paul.
Develop action strategies for: invitation to give, prayer, networking, and more.
Create systems for: messaging, daily and weekly routines, and strengthening donor relationships.
Live coaching with J.Paul ($400 per 90 minute session)
Buy The Course and Do-It-Yourself
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Team Up with J.Paul

Collaborate with J. Paul to create strategies tailored to your unique needs.
All DIY resources
5 hours coaching with J. Paul (review strategies, grant proposals, job descriptions, vision and mission)
Buy The Course and Collaborate with J.Paul
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Double Down with J.Paul

Leverage your productivity
Check Mark
All DIY resources
Check Mark
12 hours Coaching with J.Paul
Buy The Course and Collaborate with J.Paul
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What is the best option for you?

Craft your own plan of action.

Choose the most relevant items in the course for you. You always have the option of adding live coaching sessions with J.Paul.


Pre-Course and Laying the Groundwork

Set yourself up for success by taking advantage of these pre-course activities! Personally assess your relationship with money, wealth, and high net worth individuals.

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We focus on three essential strategies: Effectively messaging your vision and mission. Improve the art of networking. Experience the power of impactful storytelling.

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Zero in on the essentials. Insights on crafting an effective prayer strategy. Hone the skill of observing and listening to givers.

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Explore the definition of play and how to create a play strategy. Practice the art of building relationships with giver families. Celebrate generosity with givers.

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Comprehensive Development Strategy

Create a plan that works for you.

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Measuring Results & Activity Scoring

Focus on essential assessment tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Catalyst course?

Pre-recorded consultations with J.Paul, weekly assignments and projects, coaching on strategic development, action plans, messaging, networking, invitation to give, hiring development staff, prayer, and more.

Are there additional resources or tools provided with the course?

Yes, sample tools include VIA documents for clear and quick messaging of projects, activity scoring, strength of relationship scoring, simple and effective execution plan, and prayer strategy.

How much does the Catalyst Course cost?

There are three options:

  1. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) - $500.
  2. The Premium Course (includes 5 hours coaching with J.Paul) - $1,800
  3. The Platinum version (includes 12 hours coaching with J.Paul) - $3,600

Can I break the Catalyst Course up into “bite sized” pieces?

Yes! Check out options here.

Can I schedule additional consultations with J.Paul?

Yes! Consultations can be scheduled (up to 90 minutes per call). As a Catalyst course alum you will receive a lifetime 25% discount on 90 minute ad-hoc consultations.

The Catalyst Curriculum


Keep it Fundamental

Unlock the secrets to finding, connecting with, and staying in a relationship with potential givers. Discover fresh ways to share heartwarming stories of the lives your organization has helped change in a way that will inspire them to reach for their wallets.


Keep it Meaningful

Learn the ins and outs of building a bond with your giver. Become an expert at reading their cues. Hone the art of discernment and timing when inviting someone to give.


Keep it Playful

Discover the power of bonding with your givers. Feast together, have some fun, and plan exciting vision trips to show them the impact of their generosity. You’ll establish lifelong, multi-generational connections with families rather than individuals.


Keep in Touch

J.Paul will remain by your side as an ongoing resource. Enjoy a free 60-minute phone or video debrief once you have completed the course. Take advantage of a lifetime 25% discount on additional 90 minute consultations.

Your Cause Is Worth It

Our goal is for every client to experience an exponential return on investment.

"I love the Catalyst Course. Pedagogically (I am a teacher by training) it's been beautifully put together. The course includes reading (text book), watching (video - so high quality, I started to watch the first one and could not stop, so appealing and touching!), reflecting and journaling (writing), sessions with J.Paul (speaking). It takes into consideration different learning styles. At the completion of the course the student will have learned and been transformed in his/her thinking, philosophy, theology of generosity...and ultimately fundraising strategy and practice. Regarding the relevance to us in the Finnish context, it is very relevant indeed. I don't think anybody offers anything like this here. I am happy to recommend J.Paul's course and services."

Taneli Skyttä
Refugee Ministry Specialist, Finland

"When I go through the fundamentals part of the Catalyst Course from the VIA document to systems to impact stories, it is a very well-organized set of learning systems that I learned for this endeavor. The videos with J.Paul's face appearance are like a real-life interaction in a class room setting. His teaching method speaks of rich experience. He is generous."

Anteneh Tula
CEO, True Riches Foundation, Ethiopia

"If you don't know much about fundraising, particularly with high net worth donors, this course will launch you into a whole new world. If you know a little bit about the process and have struggled with it, you will walk away from this course not just with a better process and better strategies, but your whole attitude and perspective will undergo a fundamental shift. Fundraising will shift from a 'have to' to a 'want to.'"

Henry Klopp
President, International Graduate School of Ministry

"The Catalyst Course has been life-changing for our organization. The interface is so easy to navigate and can be accessed well on my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. Our team has been applying every single tool. The course is extremely practical and give us a lot to work on as an organization, which has been super helpful. Because of the course we were able to raise an extra $126K from new donors and give solid reports to our existent donors. Thank you so much for the opening the course to us. I cannot recommend it enough."

Roman Khripunov
Executive Director, Revival Sport Inc.

"J.Paul did a short consult on fund-raising at my request. He was able to communicate complex principles and ideas in ways that were practical and achievable. He is able to work with large and small non-profits, local and global. I was able to meet my fund-raising goals using J. Paul's recommendations."

Jose De Dios
Veteran Non-Profit Executive

"Having worked with J. Paul in various capacities over the years, I have always been impressed with his ability to relate to diverse people and situations. I highly recommend him to any organization (US-based or international) looking for major donor gift growth and acquisition."

Brian O'Connell
Founder/CEO, REACT Services

"J. Paul is one of the most savvy, intuitive, clear-thinking consultants I've been privileged to work with. Any time spent, (literally), with J. Paul is money well spent! Highly recommend him if you're in need of Development expertise, whether a start up or seasoned non-profit, he'll steer you clear and results will soon follow!"

David Carlson
Major Gift Officer, Medical Teams International and Agros International

Unlock Your Fundraising Potential

Much like the guitar, major gift fundraising is easy to learn and difficult to master. With the guitar, you don’t need to be an accomplished musician to enjoy playing hundreds of songs in a relatively short time. Major gift fundraising is similar. If you possess a natural talent and appreciation of networking, you can learn how to excel in major gift fundraising efforts.

Gain Clarity

Prioritize your overwhelming to-do list, experience the satisfaction of knowing exactly what needs to be done.

Multiply Results

Discover how to help givers invest in your cause. Speak to their heart and mind. Strengthen your networking skills.

Save Time & Money

Receive expert advice on strategic tools and resources that best fit your needs.