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May 25, 2024

The Benefits of JOG(ing)

Last week we began exploring the incredible impact of Generous Giving and Journey of Generosity retreats.  Check out the post here.

I have seen and experienced the value of major gift fundraisers who partner with Generous Giving.   You learn how to strategically plan a Journey of Generosity (JOG) retreat that is a blessing and gift for all who attend.  It’s not a fundraising strategy.  There is no ‘ask’ conducted and no briefing on the mission.  The message to your givers is this:

We believe God wants us to experience the fulfillment of a generous life, and it starts with a sacred conversation.

As promised, here are three core ways a JOG retreat can serve your major givers:

  1. Building Community

➡️A JOG retreat is an opportunity for givers to meet like-minded individuals who share similar values and visions. This community aspect is significant as it fosters and reinforces a sense of belonging and shared purpose. When around peers who are dedicated to generosity, givers are inspired to think bigger and collaborate on future projects or contributions. It provides a space for networking in a profound way, aligning wealthy individuals with each other and their causes, thereby multiplying the potential impact through joint efforts.

  1. Personal Growth and Renewed Motivation

➡️JOG Retreats offer personal growth experiences that are not available in everyday settings.  For major givers, these experiences can renew their motivation and passion for cherished causes. The retreats encourage introspection and often lead to significant insights on how to leverage influence for greater good. This can be transformative, not just for the philanthropic journey but for personal development as well.

  1. Deepening Engagement with Their Causes

➡️While there is never a fundraising pitch, a JOG retreat allows givers to immerse themselves deeply in the causes they support, far beyond what typical engagement activities can offer. It serves as a concentrated time where they can reflect on the broader impact of their generosity. This isn't just about seeing where the money goes; it’s about connecting on a deeper level with the resources they have been entrusted with, making their commitments more meaningful and personal.

I have personally attended hundreds of these retreats over the last 15 years, serving as a participant, facilitator, and/or host.  The stories I carry in my heart and mind are sacred and even miraculous.  It is a front row seat for transformation.

I pray this for each of you who are inviting people to join your amazing causes!  Please schedule a time to talk further with me about how JOGs can transform the way you work and serve.

See you next week!

* * * * * * * * * *

If you haven't taken advantage of some of the resources I've created to help major gift fundraisers, take a look now!  Initial calls with me are free and "no strings attached".  Sometimes folks feel like they need to wait and not 'bother' me until they have a pressing issue.  No need for that...just make the call. 🕺

Here's where you can access a lot of content for free:

* Follow me on LinkedIn - You'll get short pro-tips and reflections on major gift fundraising every day between 5-7am pacific.

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Before getting to the PAID stuff:

My opinion is that no small ministry with a tight budget should be spending more than $3-5k (total) for major gift coaching/consulting.  Most of you will be good-to-go spending far less than that.  This was a major issue for me when I was a frontline fundraiser - major gift consultants were an expensive 'black-box-of-confusion' for me.  That stops now.

Here's the PAID stuff:

* Online Catalyst Course - This is a full brain dump of my 28+ years of experience - good, bad, ugly.  It's built around the fundamentals, the sacredness, and the fun, of major gift fundraising.  It's infused with Henri Nouwen reflections.  Many people can take this course and they will be 'cooking-with-gas' and not need any additional coaching from me on the core systems.  I'm grateful that this course has gotten *great* reviews.

* Live coaching with me - I refer to this as "brain rental".  The ROI on live coaching, as you might imagine, is extraordinary.

Finally, I have a new team member named Ivana Salloum.  She's super aweseme and she can help with scheduling and access to resources, etc.

I look forward to hearing about your good work!


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